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Thanks for checking out this online space of mine. The Grumpy Dragon is for sharing my passion projects, thoughts, and writing I want to share with the world. Hope you’ll stick around!

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  • 10 Standalone Recommendations
    Not everyone is into reading and that’s totally valid! BUT if you want to dip your toes into the world of literature (albeit from my point of view) here are […]
  • “Dune” Movie Review
    First of all, Dune already is a major motion picture, I will not condone disrespect towards David Lynch’s 1984 disasterpiece. But BOY OH BOY do I have thoughts. Dune: Part […]



I love making things!! I’m a TV Writing and Production student with a minor in the Creative and Cultural Industries at Chapman University. Expect reviews of all kind, creative projects, and stories about my adventures! I hope you stick around