Audiobook Opinions

I was anti-audiobook for a long time. I just assumed I wouldn’t be a fan of them. That was a bold assumption for someone who had yet to actually listen to an audiobook. My mom became a fan of them so I thought, “why not?”

The first series I listened to was Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. And that’s when I fell in love with audiobooks and here’s why:


1. They weigh nothing = portable

You do not have to carry a book with you (I know, a stressful thought). As someone who travels and is not as fond of ebooks, audiobooks are my go to!

2. Never run out of material

Audiobooks aren’t going anywhere. You can download as many as you want and there is nothing stopping you (unless you’re only spending x amount of money, for example). BUT a great alternative to spending $$ is to use a service like Libby !! Libby allows you to get ebooks and audiobooks on your phone / device from your public library!! Not only do you save money, but you support your community. Of course, not every book will be available and there can be waiting periods (bc it’s a library) but I am a HUGE FAN.

3. Speed varies

You can listen at whatever speed you want! I didn’t realize how fast I read until I tried to read along with my audiobook and was outpacing it. I personally, start out at a 1.5x speed but usually end up listening at 1.75x or 2x speed, but I slow down when I need to, or even speed up! There’s all kind of flexibility.

4. A multitaskers best friend

I am always working on multiple projects. I want to work on my cosplay but then that’s time I don’t get to spend reading… not anymore!! Audiobooks allow me to work with my hands while still getting the mental stimulation that I love. I find myself taking the dog on longer walks so I can listen to my book, I might just sit down and eat ice cream, there is no limit!! The only thing I try to not do while listening to a book is read something else…Like going on bookstagram…


1. No new book smell

There really is nothing better than the smell of a good book. Flipping through the pages as the smell wafts into your nostrils….ahhhhhhhh. Unfortunately, audiobooks do not have that luxury.

2. Can’t put them on your shelf

The aesthetic tragedy of not being able to put your books on a shelf is real. I am guilty of buying physical copies of audiobooks that I love because I want to reread them (namely Six of Crows and The Lunar Chronicles). But sometimes if you wait to buy them you’ll get fun new editions, if I hadn’t listened to The Lunar Chronicles I probably wouldn’t have the snazzy new art covers I do now.

3. Details and emotions can be missed

If multitasking is not a strength of yours, there is a very real possibility that you will miss out on certain details and maybe will not have the same emotions you would reading a physical book. The emotion one tends to get me more than details. I remember listening to Iron Gold and there were parts that I had to go back and reread for the emotional weight of, I was like “wait, did that really just happen?? Let me find the proof”.

Final Thoughts:

Can every book be listened to in audiobook format?

Personally, I don’t think so. I would not want to read a smut in audiobook form, the thought of listening to that is not my cup of tea. If it doesn’t bother you — have at it! Enjoy!!

I think that in order to enjoy an audiobook, you need to enjoy the narrator, narration style, and (as always) the story itself! Some of my favorite books are ones I’ve listened to (and now I want to buy them so I can re-read them and look at their pretty covers!)

If you’re on the fence about audiobooks — just give it a shot, sometimes you can find samples on YouTube (check out EpicReads!) or use a free service like Libby (which goes through your public library). When I first began listening to audiobooks I discovered that I love books narrated by Rebecca Soler because I enjoy the way she reads, and I highly recommend full cast audiobooks if available (every character or POV will have a different narrator). Start with that, if you find a voice you like, see what else they’ve read!

Go forth and listen to all the books. In my opinion, the more stories taking up room in your brain, the more satiated your imagination will be.

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