Hello there and welcome to The Grumpy Dragon, my personal world for all things creative! I started to share my love for books and movies through YouTube┬ávideos, but have discovered that when it comes to sharing, I’m a much more articulate writer. With that in mind, my goal is to create a positive and uplifting environment where you can meet new people but also challenge your mindset or opinions, because I’m too passionate to keep it all light and fluffy.

A Little Bit About Me…

I’m Kendra! I study TV Writing and Production at university and as a result, often turn my favorite bookish scenes or chapters into short films for “practice”. I’m drawn to creativity and have a passion for fantasy, science fiction, along with the occasional romance, classic, and contemporary!

Supporting “The Grumpy Dragon”

If you are interested in supporting what I create I have a Ko-Fi, which lets you send money in increments of $3 ((like a cup of coffee)) to me and 100% of it goes towards future projects which will always be specified when you donate. I mostly use it to fund cosplays since it’s only a passion, not a business. Nothing is expected, but if you drop your Instagram handle I will always shout you out on @the.grumpydragon on IG!! Business inquiries are always through grumpydragonreads@gmail.com

Fun((?)) Fact Time!

  • I’m an INFJ and Type 4 in case you’re interested
  • Most of my freetime is spent at Disneyland ((yes I miss it very much))
  • I love going on hikes, jumping into bodies of water, and I’m an adrenaline junkie
  • I have too many cosplans and never enough time
  • I bake too much for my own good
  • I love using power-tools
  • I’m a pyromaniac
  • ((I always double my parentheses, not sure why))

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