Hello there and welcome to The Grumpy Dragon, my personal world for all things nerd! I started to share my love for books and movies through YouTube┬ávideos, but have discovered that when it comes to sharing, I’m a much more articulate writer. SO, I’m here to review and share my experiences with “all things nerd” in the hopes that some of you reading might share in these interests! My goal is to create a positive and uplifting environment where you can meet new people but also challenge your mindset or opinions, because I’m too passionate to keep it all light and fluffy.

A Little Bit About Me…

I’m Kendra, I study TV Writing and Production at university and as a result, often turn my favorite bookish scenes or chapters into short films for “practice”. I’m drawn to creativity and have a passion for fantasy, science fiction, along with the occasional romance, classic, and contemporary!

Supporting “The Grumpy Dragon”

If you are interested in supporting what I create I have a Ko-Fi, which lets you send money in increments of $3 ((like a cup of coffee)) to me and 100% of it goes towards future projects which will always be specified when you donate. I mostly use it to fund cosplays since it’s only a passion, not a business. Nothing is expected, but if you drop your Instagram handle I will always shout you out on @the.grumpydragon on IG!! Business inquiries are always through grumpydragonreads@gmail.com

Fun((?)) Fact Time!

  • I’m an INFJ and Type 4 in case you’re interested
  • Most of my freetime is spent at Disneyland ((yes I miss it very much))
  • I love going on hikes, jumping into bodies of water, and doing anything ((legal)) that will give me an adrenaline rush
  • I have too many cosplay plans and never enough time
  • I bake too much for my own good
  • I love using power-tools
  • I’m a pyromaniac
  • ((I always double my parentheses, not sure why))