Cosplay & Apparel Portfolio


I started cosplaying in 2015. My first cosplay was Lady Thor, bold for someone who didn’t own a heat gun and was using thermoplastic…but that’s another story. I’m only including costumes that were made or significantly altered by me, all of my cosplays can be seen on my instagram if you want ones I bought. Tragically, I cannot take full credit for some of these because my mom is a superhero seamstress and gets the credit for most things, but I haven’t tackled anything as big as Daenerys on my own so who knows what skills I’ve gained. Again, if you have questions or are interested in cosplay just reach out.


I mentioned it earlier, but my mom is the best seamstress I know and I’m trying to work on my own skills. I would say my love has always been with costumes over everyday-wear. That said, I’ve made myself some outfits that could be worn not at Comic-Con. But with that said I don’t have nice photos / any photos of those pieces yet so stay tuned 😉

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